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The Three Little Pigs (taken from Practising the Piano Blog)

We all know the story of The Three Little Pigs, in which each pig builds a home. One takes hardly any time building his out of straw, so he can spend more time playing and relaxing. The second pig builds his home out of sticks, which takes slightly longer, but he too values his down time. The third pig chooses to build his home out of bricks, which requires a great deal more time and effort, but he values taking the time to build a home properly. When the Big Bad Wolf pays a visit, needless to say only the third pig’s house of bricks stands up to the wolf’s huffing and puffing.

The House of Bricks

The piano player who builds his “house” out of bricks takes pleasure, satisfaction and pride in the process of learning and enjoys doing this thoroughly and deeply. For him, the journey is just as important as the destination. Here are some of the principles he works by:

Student Enthusiasm



It feels really great when my students come to me all excited about a new piece they found on You Tube and they want to play it. I try to find simplified versions of the pieces for them. Their enthusiasm just motivates me to work with them a little harder. So, right now, I’m looking for a simplified piece of Canon in D. Last night as I was walking down one of the hallways at church, one of my students just ran up to me with such excitement because she had found a piece she wanted to learn (Canon in D). How can I say no?!! I will work with her on this piece along with her regular curriculum but she will be playing Canon in D for the Christmas Recital! How do I know? Because she WANTS to learn it! It doesn’t get better than that for a teacher.

Musical People Keep Me Motivated


I can’t believe a year has gone by since our last Sonatina Festival. This year it will be divided into two locations. It’s so great to see so many students stepping up to the challenge. Good luck to all them tomorrow!


Piano bench……me.  Piano bench……student…….me.   This is often how it is at my studio.  It’s a great business.  I set my own hours, rates, policies, and who I work with.  On the flip side, it can get a bit lonely.

Recently, our local teacher group hosted our eighth annual Sonatina Festival.  I have been chairman of this event since its inception.  After months of planning, scheduling, inviting, enrolling, ribbon ordering, juggling Excel files, not to mention teaching my own students some of the toughest piano literature on the planet, the day finally arrived.  The four judges from the Houston area represented professionals who teach, compose, present, improvise, write articles, accompany at church, and perform.  They arrived with enthusiasm for the students and smiles on their faces.

In between listening and critiquing, we all had a chance to enjoy some food.  That led to wonderful conversations that included exchanges of ideas…

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Wee Folks Recital


October 24th two students from our studio participated in the Wee Folks Recital sponsored by the Katy Music Teachers Association.  Both James Cupp, who performed Little Lost Kitty, and Juliana Anzora, who performed a Faber arrangement of Ode to Joy by Beethoven, did a marvelous job performing for the parents.  They were among 30 Katy students that performed in this event. Lopez Piano Studio applauds them for their hard work and performances.



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